Thursday, December 15, 2016

teething terror

Whenever someone finds out we have a Golden Retriever puppy the first question is “How much has she already chewed and destroyed in your house?”. Our answer always catches people off guard – “Nothing, except our arms.”

Izzy is (basically done being) a teething terror. She is a spoiled puppy with way too many chew toys that are supposed to “alleviate” her poor little puppy teething issues, but she always seemed to prefer our arms. Poor Dylan’s arms looked like a war zone, thankfully they are starting to heal!

We tried everything. Distraction with toys, ice, homemade ice chews, you name it. Nothing was working. Without Grannick’s Apple Bitter Spray I honestly don’t know what we would have done.

Thankfully our vet suggested we give a quick spray and a “no!” when she started to bite our arms and it worked like magic. We were hesitant to try this because we thought it would be negative reinforcement, but Izzy still loves us just as much as she did before.

Has anyone else had success with this method?

Also, thank goodness for Himalayan Dog Chews! This is her enjoying one :) Izzy absolutely loves them AND once they are small enough you can microwave them and they turn into a yummy treat! Just be sure to let the treat cool before giving it to your pup.

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