Saturday, December 10, 2016

tinkle time taylor

That’s what we call Izzy sometimes. But in all honesty, when is one considered “potty trained”?

Izzy has been one tough pup to potty train. My mom said Maggie (my puppy growing up) was potty trained in 2 weeks! Having this idea in my head has made this whole process a little frustrating since Izzy is 5 months old and still not housebroken. We’re on a good streak though – 1 accident in about 17 days (no one needs to know the accident happened on day 10, right?).

We thought we were doing so well, and then about 10 days into her streak she had an accident. And it wasn’t where she normally does - it was in our bedroom which is nowhere near the backdoor where we take her out.

I will give her credit – she’s getting better (her tinkles are more than a split second when we take her out – more like 4 Mississippi’s), but it’s so hard to sit down and relax in the evening when Dylan and I are constantly wondering “Does she have to go out?” or “She’s pacing!”. As you can imagine, this naturally leads to “Can you take her out? I just did.” and “Oh, it’s your turn!”. We don’t like keeping track of this, but after an evening of getting up, taking her out and coming back in 5+ times you begin to get a little drained. Thankfully I have the best hubby in the world and he never complains if I’m snuggled in a blanket and we think Izzy needs to go out ;)

At this point we have started to take her water away a little bit before bed. But we’d like to eventually be able to leave this out for her at all times. Are there any other key tips/tricks we’re missing? She’s basically within sight at all times in the evening, and as soon as she goes to our sun room (that’s where the door is that we use to take her outside) we take her out. Should we not be taking her out every time she goes there? She was getting in the habit of walking out there and then we’d take her out and her tinkle would be .0001 seconds long – we thought she was tricking us into just taking her outside to play or trying to get our attention but that doesn’t seem to be the case anymore.

Thank goodness for Nature’s Miracle or else our rug in the living room would be a hotter mess than it already has become!

Basically, when can we sit down and relax in the evening without worrying she’s going to tinkle in the family room every 2 seconds? Is this normal behavior or was my puppy growing up potty trained freakishly fast?

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