Saturday, December 10, 2016

‘tis the season (for long car rides)!

Izzy loves seeing new places and meeting new people, but she does not love the car rides to these events. She’s the most lovable puppy but as soon as she knows we’re going in the car she starts backing away and resisting going in the back seat.
Basically any ride over 5 miles and she’ll toss her cookies (we don’t feed her for a few hours before any rides now). We recently tried Benadryl, which worked – but she seemed very stoned and didn’t have her energized puppy personality (which we love) once we got to where we were going. We recently picked up some Cerenia from the vet, but it’s super expensive so we’re going to try and limit when she takes those.

Has anyone else ever experienced this? Do you have any suggestions or recommendations for what you do? Will she ever grow out of this? We live in Ohio but all of our family is in Michigan – so hopefully she does because there are going to be lots of car rides in her future.

We have a Honda CR-V so she has plenty of room in the back seat. We used to put her in the crate, but she never seemed to relax or lay down, so we now have one of those back seat hammocks, and she seems to like that more than the crate for rides. Are there any other travel accessories out there that could be more beneficial/safe/help ease her of her car sickness?

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