Tuesday, December 13, 2016

walking sticks

Picture this: Going on a nice stroll to the nature center, dog heeling perfectly by your side.

Reality: Me half a mile away from home, Izzy rolling around on her back in some random front yard, pocket full of treats saying “come here Izzy!”, Izzy not budging.

This has been me far too many times to count. I was getting so discouraged from taking Izzy on walks that I didn’t even want to attempt, but I knew that wasn’t fair for her. She has been inside all day and deserves to have some fun!

This is when I discovered that Izzy is a HUGE fan of walking sticks. I tested this out a few times so am now confident this is an actual way to get her to walk home if we’re far away and she’s getting distracted. I’ve even gone so far as to put a stick in my pocket before we leave in case I can’t easily find one on our walk.

You thought I meant one of those traditional walking sticks, didn’t you? Silly me, I should have clarified. Izzy loves having a stick in her mouth when she walks, so I’ve dubbed it her “walking stick”.

I’ve even gotten comfortable enough to limit my treats to no longer being an entire pocketful to only a few tasty ones.

One day I realize we’ll have to get a little better and maybe remove the stick and teach her how to actually walk, but for now why not let her have a little fun!

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